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Sun & Moon: The parents of the 4 first pack leaders and the ones that first found the valley. They where the ones who sorted the loner wolves in the pack that suited them the most and they established territorys and borders that are being contested for today. But one foggy day, they dissapeared into the mist, never to be seen again...


Sun-Ray: The first Solarpack leader, he was strong and faught for his pack with his life manny  times. He was finally defeted by the only thing he couldn't fight, Death. And he died of old age.




Luna: The first Lunarpack leader, she was always on the defensive side against her brother. But still protected most of the territory. Sun-Ray's mate, Beam killed her in battle.




Eclipse: The first Eclipsepack leder, she alwase was trying to solve the fighting problems while keeping her own pack she safe. She saved much blood but much more was usually spiled. She created a pack of pure Eclipsepack blood and from loneers and wolves born in any other pack who don't wish to fight. She died from old age.



Akira: A huge, handsome thick-furred male arctic wolf with ice-blue eyes. Luna's only pup, and the second Alpha Male of LunarPack, after his parents were killed. Kin: Luna [mother], White-Fang, Dawn-Storm [pups] Mate: Nala

Nala: A small, sleek quiet light cream timberwolf with light brown, darker brown and black patches with burning amber eyes. The second Alpha Female after Luna was killed, she was a former loner who came to the pack as a tiny pup when LunarPack had just began. Kin: White-Fang, Dawn-Storm [pups] Mate: Akira


White-Fang: A massive, muscular silvery-white male wolf with ice-cold blue eyes. He was brave, strong and fierce and led LunarPack well after his father's death. However, he was too focused on battle and ended up being killed in the end by the SolarPack leader of the time. Kin: Akira+Nala [parents] Kalla, Takara [pups] Mate: Stormy-Sky

Dawn-Storm: A small, docile female timberwolf with soft brown eyes. Kin: Akira+Nala [parents] Mate: none.


Stormy-Sky: A small but fierce and forceful silver female wolf with dark deep emerald green eyes. She led LunarPack with her mate White-Fang, but she dissappeared mysteriously shortly after her pups were born... Kin: Kalla, Takara [pups] Mate: White-Fang



Kalla: A light-brown, darker brown, red, cream, silver, black and white smudged female wolf with gleaming amber eyes. She died after giving birth to her pups, and they were left all alone in the forest to fend for themselves and barely survived an unfortunate bear attack wich led to Shade living as a gnaw wolf. Kin: White-Fang+Stormy-Sky [parents] Thorn, Shade [pups] Mate: unknown...



Takara: A light-brown and cream male wolf with black timberwolf markings and pale blue eyes. His name means "Fearless" which fits him very well because he was strong and brave and very loyal to his pack and died defending LunarPack in battle. Kin: White-Fang+Stormy-Sky [parents] , Kila [only pup]. Mate: Mila [LunarPack Elder]


Pebbles is a beautiful, small, shy, kind pup in Starpack. Her fur is a speckled gray and her eyes are silver. She was born with deafness, blindness, and a bent leg. All of those things went away when she died except for her bent leg, because Spy, the obea who did not want to get rid of her yet did, made a sacrifice for the future. Mother: Leenium. Brother: Dust.

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Blood: The first BloodPack leader. Blood led his pack into bloodthirsty ways. He

set up many traditions such as the monthly sacrifice and night patrols. He was

a horrible wolf and a threat to every living creature in the forest, so the other

3 pack leaders teamed up 3-1 to kill him and succeded. As they left, his

followers came to him and his last words were; "Destroy every other pack,

*gasp* we will win eventually, but KILL them and their future spirits!..."


Kin: Sun+Moon (parents) ,  Luna, Eclipse, Sun-Ray


Mate: none.


Trainee: none.




Kill: The second BloodPack leader after Blood was killed. A massive, muscular

black, white and red male wolf with fiery red eyes that hold the cast of hell

within them. He was evil to the core, and he had no problem with killing any

time he had the chance. He caused much bloodshed in his era, and he was

hated by all other packs and he drove BloodPack into following him by fear

only. He can make you shiver and cringe just by looking at you, and he was

known to drive pups to death by fear of him. He was eventually killed by falling

rocks in a den cave-in. He hopes to someday take over BloodPack again... and

he will do anything to achieve his ambition...


Kin: none.


Mate: none.


Trainee: none.

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