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If You Want You Can Role PLay These Wolves Just Tell One Of The Leaders

Mila, Adolf, Huriti

Pack Leaders:


Alpha Male:


Sasa: A large, strong silver, black and white male wolf with chocolatey-brown eyes. He is loaded with energy and is a great hunter and a skilled fighter.

Kin: ??? [parents]

Mate: Tala

Trainee: none.

Alpha Female:

Tala: A large, slender snow-white she-wolf with a thick fluffy coat and golden-amber eyes. Is very brave, adventurous and energetic.

Kin: Ruby, Topaz [sisters] Tinde+Zab [parents]

Mate: Sasa

Trainee: none.

Beta Wolves: [Second In Command]

 Beta Male:

Adolf: A handsome jet-black male wolf with white ears, muzzle, front paws, underside, back legs and tipped tail with dark amber eyes. Is very strong and extremely loyal and a talented fighter. His name ever signifies him, it means "Noble Wolf". He dreams of someday becoming Pack Leader with his mate Huriti. He doesnt really like his brother Meli who is evil and would kill him for Pack Leader position.

Kin: Meli [brother]

Mate: Huriti

Trainee: none.


Beta Female:

 Huriti: A beautiful swift light brown female wolf with tan face, tail, underside and a tan diammond on her forehead and a tan stripe down her back with blue-green eyes. Is quiet and thoughtful. Her name means "Beautiful" which she is very much. She loves her mate alot and  would like pups someday.

Kin: Unknown.

Mate: Adolf

Trainee: none.

Healer+Healer Trainees: [Cares For Sick And Wounded Pack Members And Recieves And Interprets Prophecies From StarPack]


Velvela: An ash-gray female wolf wih amber eyes streaked with black, and a long tail. Was chosen by old healer to be apprentice at birth; would die to protect her pack from any danger that posesed them.

Kin: none.

Mate: none.

Trainee: Lakiesha

Healer Trainees:

Lakiesha: A small light-brown and cream smudged female wolf pup with white legs and dark brown eyes. The runt of the litter, she is very friendly and eager to do her duties as the Healer Trainee.

Kin: Acacia [sister]

Pack Members:

Lone: A handsome dark gray wolf with a white chest and brown eyes. Unlike his siblings, he lives in Lunarpack, and is the youngest of the litter. He just became a pack member, and is fond of Ember. Kin: Lina, Leenium, Scar, Silent, Silver, Rain, Starlight

Luna: A beautiful white she wolf with amazing sparkly eyes. She is kind and gentle and loves to play. She can be fierce and her heart burns with loyalty to Solarclan. She likes to go hunting and is very swift and quiet. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and would like a mate and pups someday.


Mate: None


Moon: A pale, gray she wolf with stormy gray eyes. She is very young and is one of the packs best hunters. She would one day like to have a mate and pups but is willing to wait.

Millin: An unusual pure black she-wolf with greeny blue eyes is nice but not close to a complete softy she is beautiful and would love a mate

Kin: ...

Mate: looking

Trainee: none

 Acacia: A strong blonde female wolf with steel blue eyes. She is kind and understanding but is nowhere near a complete softie. She has an old, kind and wise soul with the heart of a newborn pup. She is very interested in being the Beta Female. She would also be interested in a mate at some point.

Kin: Lakiesha [sister]

Mate: looking...

Trainee: none.

Zab: A large, muscular male arctic wolf with deep, dark amber eyes.

Kin: Kila+Oshey [parents] Tala,Ruby, Topaz [pups]

Mate: Tinde.

Trainee: none.


Tinde: A small, lithe gray, brown and cream colored female timberwolf with bright amber eyes and a bristly coat.

Kin: Molly+Bear [parents] Tala,Ruby, Topaz [pups]

Mate: Zab.

Trainee: none.


Ruby: A small, slender brown, black, cream, white and red brindle female timberwolf with dark chocolat-brown eyes and a short, bristly coat. Is very energetic and close to her sister Tala.

Kin: Tala, Topaz [sisters] Tinde+Zab [parents]

Mate: none.

Trainee: Emerald

 Meli: A muscular and very strong dark silver male wolf with dark amber eyes and an ugly scar over his one eye. Is dark-hearted and evil but hides it well. Only his brother Adolf and his brother's mate know it. Wants to become Pack Leader someday and rule LunarPack as his own. Hopes to kill his brother and replace him as Beta Wolf. He would like to find a mate someday too to further his chances of becoming Pack Leader and rule with her.

Kin: Adolf [brother].

Mate: looking...

Trainee: none.


Kin: Mila+Takara [parents] Zab [pup]

Mate: Oshey.

Trainee: none.




Kin: parents=unnown. Zab [pup]

Mate: Kila.

Trainee: none.



Kin: parents=unknown. Tinde [daughter] 

Mate: Bear.

Trainee: none.




Kin: parents=unknown Tinde [daughter]

Mate: Molly.

Trainee: none.

The Nurse: [Cares For And Feeds All The Pups In The Camp]


Bella:A tiny nurse in Lunarpack. She is very small and delicate. She is snow white with ice blue eyes. She is very gentle and sweet, and couldn't stand to see anyone hurt, even if they are from another pack. She loves pups and loves to care for them,


Rosedust: A snow-white female arctic wolf with rare lavendar eyes and a long, thick, fluffy coat. Has always loved pups and hopes to have some of her own someday.

Kin: Swift-Kill [sister]

Mate: looking...

Trainee: none.

Trainees: [pups older than 3 moons in training to become full pack members]


Clover: A small trainee and is a natural hunter of Lunarclan. she is grey and has stunning green eyes. She respects her leader and will listen to anything her packmates say.

Emerald: A slight, skinny, coal black wolf with green eyes in Lunarpack. She is a trainee in LunarPack. She is shy, but once she's used to her surroundings, she's nice, but she is not patient and does not have a good temper. Kin: None. Mentor: Ruby

Pups: [3 Moons Old And Younger]


Mila: A very old light brown and cream brindle female wolf with pale golden eyes and short, mangy bristly fur covered in many ragged scars from ancient battles. She is quite shy and reserved but would still fight to protect the ones she is closest to.

Kin: Kila [only pup]

Mate: Takara, [in StarPack]

Trainee: none.

Gnaw Wolves: [Gnaw Wolves Are Wolves That Were Abandonned By The Obea As Pups That Have Survived. They Are Considered Useless In The Pack So They Stay In Their Cave And Gnaw On Bones And Carve Stories In The Walls Because That's All They Can Do.]

Shadow: A slender black female wolf with icy blue eyes. Was born with a limp paw and was thrown in the river by the obea as a tiny pup. Although she survived, she can never be a full pack member.

Kin: none.

Mate: none.

Trainee: none.


Nigh: A beautiful slender female wolf with striking purple eyes and a thick, sleek black coat that shines a dazzling lavendar color in the moonlight. Was born deaf and blind and therefore thrown along with her sister Roki into a grizzly den. They miraculously survived, and found their way back to LunarPack, where they have lived in this cave for moons.

Kin: Roki [sister]

Mate: none.

Trainee: none.


Roki: Night-Star's identical sister, with white tipped paws, tail, belly and muzzle. She is very ambitious, and believes that someday she and Night-Star will get out of this cave and become full pack members, although Night-Star has little hope.

Kin: Night-Star [sister]

Mate: none.

Trainee: none

Obeas: [They Are Females That Cannot Have Pups, They Are Strongly Dsliked Among The Pack Because They Are Responsible For Getting Rid Of The Pups Born With Disabilities Or Flaws, Blind, Deaf, Missing Leg, Etc, By Taking Them Away From Camp And Leaving Them Somewhere They Are Sure To Die, A Bear's Den, Storming River, Owl's Nest, Etc.]



Swift-Kill: A small but fierce spiky-furred female wolf with bright beady green eyes and a red, black and gray patched coat. The former pack member, was unable to have pups and was forced out of the pack. At first she despised her cruel responsibilities but over time her heart swelled up with bitterness and she was hardened against caring.

Kin: Rosedust [sister]

Mate: none.

Trainee: none.

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