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       Eclipsepack Wolves!      


Our Pack Members:

Alpha Male:


Tasu: A large, handsome red male wolf with blazing blue eyes and white paws, belly, tail-tip, left ear and a white patch covering the right side of his face and muzzle. Is strong and brave and loves to explore the forest. Is headstrong and alwase takes charge of problems. Mate: Aqune.



Alpha Female:

Aqune: A beautiful cream she-wolf with curious green eyes and one gray paw. Is adventourous and loves mentoring the young. She is alwase in the mood to wants to learn new things. She has 2 scars above her eyes from a battle when she was a young warrior. She loves her territory and loves to go quietly exploring it by herself. Mate:Tasu




Beta Wolves:

Echo: a beautiful, slender light-silver female wolf with darker silver, light gray, dark-gray, black and white tints in her fur and deep blue eyes. She has an easy-going personality, she is very calm and docile and loves to play and explore the forest but when the pack is in danger she becomes very serious and brave and would give up her life to defend it. She would like a mate and pups someday. Kin: none. Mate: none.





Azaliafern: A small, lithe light reddish-brown female wolf with soft amber eyes and black brindle markings on her back. Is calm and friendly and would like peace between all packs. Loves to heal and does all she can to help her sick and wounded pack members. Although she is not a fighter in this realm, she is always fighting to defeat invisible enemies. Kin: Lilly  Trainee: Stone-Stream

 Healer Trainees:


 Stone-Stream: A small, slender white and silver female wolf pup with big blue eyes and a long, flowing coat that shines a rare aqua color in the moonlight. Is smart, friendly and outgoing and loves to swim in the river. Kin: none.


Pack Members:

Redwillow: Small and sleek, she is red, cream and brown with with the same dark brown eyes. Likes to wrestle and fight. Good at fighting and listening.
Kin: Lunar
Mate: none

Luna: A pretty silver, white and black she-wolf with dark brown eyes. Is kind and caring. Likes to pla-fight.
Kin: Redwillow
Mate: looking

 Star: Cute, Funny, Will die for her pack. A beautiful black she wolf with blue eyes, She will help anyone in need but sometimes can be stubborn.

Would like a mate and pups one day

Sky-song: She is a lovely silver wolf with a beautyful howl. She  is a hunter, not a fighter and sings her beautyful songs after eah sucsessful hunt. Other than that shy is hyper and somtimes spazy. but inside she alwase remains beautyfull. She has 2 pups, melody and Aqua but her mate Blue just recently died in battle Kin:Mist-swirl and Brook Pups: Melody and Aqua



Brook:A slim silver she-wolf with a white stomack and front legs. She is a swimmer and almost one with water. She can stay under water for a long time,can easely pass strong currents and she can go over watterfalls and dosen't be hurt. She is pratically in the water all the time and some wolves say she can melt into water and desolve into water compleatly. Kin: Sky-song and Mist-swirl



Taloua: A  light and dark brown she-wolf with a white belly and legs. She is headstrong and adventourous and believes nothing can stop her. On the other hand she is sly and misterious and is a great teacher. Kin:Tarlar and Trish



Tarlar: A gorgous golden she-wolf with soft yellow eyes and a white belly. She is a kind hearted wolf but still is strong. She is a swift and skilled hunteer who uses her souroundings to make swift kills. Has a crush on fell and even thaugh he is younger he is stronger. Kin: Taloua and Trish.



Trish: A playfull young russet she-wolf with sky blue eyes and white toes and belly. She is a high spirited wolf and can alwase make you smile. She is fast and agile and loves to run around. She loves pups and wished to have a mate and pups of her own one day. Kin: Taloua and Tarlar



Kipicha:A brown she-wolf with white paws. She is smart and cunning but not that strong and dosen't believe in violance at all. She was a loner but with all the fighting going on she decided it would be safer to join a pack. Mate:Khaz



Khaz: A strong brown male wolf. He has a fiery atitude when he is angry but he can also be calm and playfull. HE is said to have the stongest jaws in the pack and is a strong fighter. Mate: Kipicha Trainey:Astral



Autumn-leaf: A black and white male wolf with a quiet personality. He canno be heard when he walking in the forest and is very calm and quiiet. Hates fighting but is a great spy. Was originally from solarpack but his mother brought him here as a pup to keep his safe from all the violance.




Lilly: A small and brown shy she-wolf with eyes the color of autumn leaves. She is a peace maker and is alvase helpful arround the healers den. She is as good at healing as her sister Azaliafern, but she dosen't want to be a healer beacuse then she won't experience all the rushes of battle. Kin:Azaliafern





Haku is a male trainee from eclipsepack at the age of three and a half moons. He's a small gray wolf with large amber eyes. He's a kindhearted and young knowledgeable wolf. He loves to Watch she-wolves pass by and falls in love with almost every single one of them. But one day, he hopes to find a mate that will love him forever.He's a great fighter and he loves the art of battle. He was found on a snowy day inside eclipsepack territory. Both his parents are dead.....or so he thinks.

Asral: A sly black male wolf with gray eyes. Originally from Bloodpack, he and his sister Violet escaped after there mother was murdered. He is a strong fighter espechilly paied up with his sis, there a unstopable team. He is sly and adventourous and often gets into trouble, but alwase takes the punishement he diserves without complaints. Kin: Celestic. Mentor: Khas



Celestic:A beautyful young black she-wolf with a purple strip down her back. She and her brother escaped from Bloodpack after there mother was murdered. She is a quick lerner and has sharp claws and atitude. Paired up with her brother, they are unstopable.She wars a stone arround her neck suposing to be good luck. Her purple eyes that match her stripe are curious and capture almost everything that goes past her. Kin: Astral Mentor: Aqune



Storm: A Indigo colored male wolf with stormy blue eyes. He was found on the border as a pup and brought into th epack. He longs to know where he came from and who he is. In battle he is fierce and fights with great strenth but outside the battle grounds he is shy and peacefull. He has a secret ridge where he goes to when there is a great storm and howls all night. He sais it is peacefull there. Has a crush on Larka. Mentor:Mist-swirl



 Flower: A soft hearted brounish she-wolf with soft eyes. She is a  caring nurs and will give her life up for any pup no matter what. She is like a mother to the pups and the real mothers of the pups can trust her to keep there little ones safe.





Aqua:A strong blue pup with black stripes with a big bushy tail, she is kind but strong and adventourous and takes on her dad. She can get rough and somtimes hurt Melody but never means to. She is a real fighter at heart. Kin:Sky-song(mother) Melody(sis)





Gnaw wolves:

Faolan: A lone blue-gray male wolf with soft green eyes. Came to the pack to join after swift-kill through him in a river. He survived but had a hard past. He has extraordinary gnawing skills and is  very tidy in his work. Kin: Unknown but has some







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