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      Eclipsepack Territory!     


Our territory is mostly forests and manny rivers flowing in them. But we have many landmarks, let me show you them.


The forest: Covers most of our territory and has every piece of prey we can hunt in it.


Center Forest: The center of the forest where it never freezes in leaf bare. It is warm and there is thick under groath there. And a rich cool stream comes out of a rock and feeds into most of the rivers in our territory.

Swift Stream: A fast flowing stream sourounded by greenery. This is a strange river, it can be shallow then deep, thin then wide and it is ever constantly changing.

 Plains: We have a small prarie in our territory containing 1 oak tree. The grass here is tall and great for ambushes.

The lake: The lake is a great place for swiming, hunting and playing.

Wave beach: We have a small shore line of beech on our territory.

Fern meadow: This is where we train our apprentices.





Eclipse battleground: Where manny battles have been faught.



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The pack is doing great, we've had many new members but we are still open to new members!!!  :D

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The pack is going great and we are open to new members who can help strenthen our pack.

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We are doing well but we are still looking for new members to strengthen us!

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