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 There is a pack unlike any other. We are nimble in the forest, silent in the night, proud in battle, agile in the open and especially strong in the water. Few wolves can swim for more than a few paddles, but we can! We are a clan  made up by wolves who don't like killing and taking sides, giving this pack manny personalitys and characteristics that are passed down through generations till every wolf has them. Fierce, brave, swift, loyal, proud, wise, graceful, loyal, clever and strong. We know how to weave through dangers acepting changes to the world, just as water flows. We are,             

Eclipsepack                                                                                                    -larka  



Our camp is on a --- by the lake. 

Lookout branch: You are approching our camp. It is a low branch where wolves can jump up and perch themselves on it and watch for ennemies to come.

Main camp: Where most of the action is.It is a pool of calming flowing water. Behind it is a ledge where under it is where all the action is. Tle leadge protects us from pertisipation and coldness. Most of our dens are in that rock. We have all our pack meetings here.

Fresh-kill pile: Where we keep our prey. It is in a hole beacuse then scavenger sare less lickly want to  get it and beacuse the cool earth refregerats it so no magots grow inside. Our prey that we catch is: Bison, Moose, Elk, Deer, Rabbit, Fish!, Songbirds, Crows, Mice, Shrews and Voles. 


Fesh-kill count: Bison- 0   Moose-0   Elk-0   Deer-1   Rabbits-3   Songbirds-2   Crows-0   Mice-4   Shrews-0   Voles-3    Fish-6

Alpha's den:The leader's den is a cave under a trickeling waterfall and a cool pool infront of it. The roof is first low,then opens up inside.

 Beta wolves den:



Pack members den:It is in some rocks. It has a large roof and inside are dips in the ground wher eit is filled with eathers and moss for nests. 

Healer's den: Where the healers of the pack sleep. It is a  side of a bright sunny hill coverd in herbs and grass. It is the most beautyful den in the camp. Iside is a tunel that sopits is 2 1 goes to the herb storage and the other goes to the main patience's den.


Traines den: Where warriors to be rest. There den is in some rock with an everchanging roof hight. Outside is a tramples clearing where they like to play in ther efree time.


Pups Den:The nursery is in a safe and sturdy hollow tree. The decomposing wood is a great carpet foe the woungg pups. Iside ther eate high ledges for if the camp was attacked, they woulf just toss the pups up on the ledge and there be safe. And the mossy exterior of the tree is fun to play on.

Elders den: The elderd den is made up of 3 rocks. They like this den beaacuse they can sunbathe ontop of the top rock.


Gnaw wolves den: Where deformed wolves sleep there den is a tunnel that ggoes deep underground and beleved to be under the main camp. In ther they gnaw bones and storys on the wall. Stories of hunts, battles, climat, life and death.

Obea's den:No she-wolf like obeas so to keep them happy the obea has a den outside the camp. Her den is and old piece of twoleg jun in the groud. No other non obea wolf has ever been down there so they don't know what to expect.





Our Orb(s)= Aqua orb

Aqua orb:It lets us control all liguids, liquid metal, lava, Twoleg poison but best of all water! Our orb is a blueish terquoise and has a glow from inside. It is made up from layers and the layers make it very hard, manny have droped it yet no scratches are on it.


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