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If You Want You Can Role-Play These Wolves Just Tell One Of The Leaders

Ice, Ghost, Night, Moon, Rex, Rubble, Dark-Flower,

Alpha Male:

Fang: A massive and powerful very dark brown, silver and black male wolf with blood red eyes. He is vicious and cold-blooded. Is the cruelest leader ever and tortures everyone. His huge razor fangs are stained red from his victoms from fighting a lot. Was a rouge from an unknown forest then came here and made BloodPack. He is very stern and mean to everyone, even his mate and son Bloodspill. If you order him around, just hope that you'll even be living after. But when you talk to him, he'll either just ignor you or kill you. Prey for the first...  Mate: Blood Orchid  Pups: Bloodspill


Alpha Female:


Blood Orchid: A tough and fast jet black Alpha female with silver tipped fur and glowing dark amber eyes. She is mean like her mate but has a soft spot. No one really knows where it is only her. She has pups and enjoys them, until she gets annoyed of them and kicks them from the nest. Mate: Fang Pups: Bloodspill

Beta Male:


Attack: A massive strong deathly black male wolf with beady red eyes that are filled with thoughts of bloodlust. He enjoys killing and is without a doubt the best fighter in BloodPack. He is fierce, forceful and aggressive when it comes to fighting, and he can throw off even the strongest oponent in battle without even trying. He loves mentoring and spending time in the forest away from camp.

Kin: Mange (sister)

Beta Female:

Blood-Eyes: A fierce black female wolf with a white mask, rear paws and tail-tip with large blood-red eyes. She has a fiery personality and loves fighting and the feeling of the enemy's blood on her paws.

Kin: none.






Healer Trainees:


Ice-Glare: A small, slender slick-furred female wolf with bloodshot-red eyes. She is quiet and mysterious and quite stubborn and aggressive but she has a fun side too and she has always been amazing with herbs.

Pack Members:

Shadowmoon: A very dark black he-wolf with silver tinged paws and silver eyes. Has a mean heart but kinda likes pups. Likes the smell of blood.
Kin: none
Mate: none


Ghost: A massive, well built female with ice-blue eyes and a jet black nose and rings around her eyes and with silver paws, ears, muzzle and tail tip. Has a sharp mind and is a skilled fighter. Will kill anyone but only if she thinks its fair. Kin: none Mate: none (BloodPack)


Mange: A sleek spiky-furred jet-black female wolf with bloodthirsty red eyes and a thick, mangy coat that hasnt been groomed in ages. She is a skilled fighter and will kill on command. She is quite stubborn and domineering, so she is not afraid to use her strength and aggression to get what she wants. She can make your blood run cold just by staring at you, and she is a storm of fangs in battle. Has a secret ambition to become leader someday.

Kin: Attack (brother)



Ice: Ice has 2 colors white and red. His white pelt is often drenched in blood of the previous animal he has killed. He is ferocious and unstoppable.


Night: A aggressive black wolf who is a lover. She hopes to have a mate and pups someday.Kin:Dark-Flower


Moon: An agile pake gray female wolf. She is a swift killer and kills with agility, tiering her oponant and then striking the final blow.


Rex: A ferocous brown male wolf who loves killing. He is known for is especially sharp teeth.


Bloodspill: A handsome red-white-and-black male wolf with pale amber eyes. He looked very much like his father but doesn't act like him. Bloodspill is more nice then his parents. He doesn't want to live up to his parents wills. He wants a mate and pups and once his parents are gone, he wants to rule the pack and make their reputation better. He wants BloodPack strong and loyal! Not a bunch of killing monsters...  Kin: Fang (Father), Blood Orchid (Mother) Mate: None (looking)












Quick-Silver: A newly-stolen white female pup with playful black eyes. She is fun and loves to run but she is facing lots of punishment because her adopted pack is tryin to teach her to kill despite her being underaed and belongin still in the pups den.

Kin: unknown...

Viper: A quiet young brown male pup with a fierce attitude

Kin: Venom (brother)



Venom: A brave brown male pup who feels that he can fight anything.

Kin: Viper (brother)


**none yet**


**none yet**


**none yet**



Frost-Bite: A sleek-furred white female wolf with jaws like frozen ice. She knows the whole territory inside out and knows all the best killing places. She has wanted this job all her life and is proud of it. Unlike most other Obeas, she is a jewel to the pack and many wolves like her.

Kin: unknown...

Gnaw Wolves:

**none yet**



 Frozen: (Loner) A pretty white she wolf with blazing grey eyes. She is quiet and hides in Bloodpack territory, Sometimes she tries to leave but the darkness confuses her.

Airy (loner): A slim black and white female wolf with sky-blue eyes. She loves to run and be active and she has a playful personality. She says that her grandmother was a twoleg pet-dog so she has some of her blood, but she is still as active as ever.

Kin: unknown...



Rubble (loner): A brownish-tan male wolf with piercing yellow eyes. He is a grumpy loner and just wants to be left alone. He is considering BloodPack's offer to join and may become a full Pack Member soon.

Kin: unknown...

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