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 Welcome... to the pack of the shadows...

We are a pack drenched in blood, and the freezing whend has chilled us down to the bone. We are a pack that shows no mercy and is dangerous with blood lust. We don't have pups but just traines for we say no wolf is unable to learn how to fight. Our pack history is merdorous but has just gotten more violant.We are the pack that kills for a living, of shadows and blood, we are  Bloodpack!!!


 Our camp is in an abandoned twoleg place in a small valley the middle of shadow forest. It is said to be haunted here but we don't believe that.


Our Main Camp Area is a dirt clearing outside, where we play,eat, groom, sunbathe, wersle and fight!

 Our Gathering Place where we have pack meetings is here is great hall. The Alphas, Betas and healers stand on the poles sticking out from the wall while we all gather bellow.

Alpha's Den: There den is tall and looks out onto the rest of the camp. It is on tall legs and you need to climb a bit up to reach the  top.

Beta's Den:Ther eis an old twoleg monster long dead in the camp, it is used for a den or the betas. Ther eis a tunnel underneeth and they can go inside to is belly to.

Healers Den: There den is in an old abandoned grey house with plants and herbs growing arround it.

Pack Members Den: They have one of the biggest dens, they have 3 flores of nestes to supply for all the folowers and you kinda need to climb up some stone to get in.

Trainees Den: They sleep in a large pipe a bit outside of the main camp. There is a bit of water trickeling through but inside it is as dry as a bone and there is a pool below where they can splash about.

Gnaw Wolves Den: They live in a 2 floor house with many windows.


Obea's Den: The obea's den is a tunnel and dosent go for very long, it is next to the prisioners den.

Prisioner's Den:Prisioners that we keep are wolves who we ask if they want to join the pack,if yes they become a pack member but if no they are put to suffer down in the prisioners den. The prisioners are kepped in an abandoen mine that seems to go on forever. There are yelpes in pain from inside of the wolves, being marched around and being put into small spaces.


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The pack is doing great, we've had many new members but we are still open to new members!!!  :D

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The pack is going great and we are open to new members who can help strenthen our pack.

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We are doing well but we are still looking for new members to strengthen us!

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